Apartments & Condos


Waste Connections is dedicated to providing quality garbage and recycling services to Clark County’s multifamily community. If your housing has shared garbage and recycling we have resources to help you Recycle Right!


What is considered a multifamily community? Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Retirement Homes, RV & Mobile Home Parks, Townhouses

Guides & Posters
Learn about what can be recycled on your own! We are happy to offer recycling guides and posters in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Russian. Click on the icons below to download.



HOW to recycle at your residence
• Locate your nearest recycling area or ask your property manager to show you. Recycling areas typically have roll carts, recycling dumpsters, or cages that are for collecting recycling. Glass roll carts are typically blue-green, and slightly smaller than mixed recycling carts.’
• Bring recyclables to the community recycling carts or containers. If you use a plastic bag to carry out recycling, never leave the plastic bag in the mixed recycling — you must empty contents first and either reuse or discard the plastic bag in the trash.

Do not bag recycle in plastic! Recyclables must be loose in the cart.

Flatten cardboard boxes and cut down large pieces to fit in cart.

Work with your property manager to schedule a special pick up for bulky items such as mattresses and furniture.

Household hazardous waste must be dropped off at one of our hazardous waste facilities
(ie: batteries, automobile oil/antifreeze, syringes)

If you are a property manager looking for resources, please go here.