Multifamily Services

Do you own or manage apartments, condos or other housing where multiple families share garbage and recycling services? Waste Connections has the resources and know-how to save you time, money, and a lot of hassle.

Best Management Practices

When it comes to multifamily garbage and recycling, we have learned that there are four C’s that lead to better outcomes.


  • Is the garbage and recycling accessible to all residents? Ideally these services would be within 150 feet of each building.
  • Choose well-lit and centrally-located collection areas for garbage and recycling containers.


  • Residents need to know what is accepted in each container. Clear signage helps with this task. Waste Connections offers free signs and decals.
  • Waste areas should be well-lit. Outdoor depots that are far away from lighting may be dark in the mornings or evenings. Indoor lighting that is too dim can be a barrier for residents.


  • Garbage, mixed recycling, and glass recycling are most effective when located together. Ensure recycling is located as conveniently as garbage.
  • Side-by-side containers make it simple and easy. Use clear signage with pictures showing which items go where.


  • You can minimize overflows by adding containers or pickups.
  • Recycling carts and containers can be adjusted to fit your needs at no extra cost. We suggest one recycle cart for every four units, though more may be suggested if you have the space and residents are successfully recycling. We recommend a capacity of 20-48 gallons of recycling per unit.
  • Do you find that residents are placing bulky items like furniture near your dumpsters? Encourage your residents to come to you before disposing these items. Learn more about bulky item pickups and rates.

Waste Connections of Washington has FREE educational items for you and your residents! Submit a form at the link below.

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Available Tools and Assistance

Waste Connections offers free tools and assistance to property managers and maintenance professionals. We can offer suggestions for container sizes, pickup frequency, and amount of capacity per unit. We can speak to your tenants or staff about waste issues and what and how to recycle right.

We also offer FREE guides, resident recycling bags, signs and decals. To request an enclosure sign for your business, please fill out the form HERE.

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