What is the holiday schedule for Waste Connections?

The only days your garbage, recycling and yard debris drivers do not work are Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If your service day falls on or after one of these holidays, your services will be delayed by one day.

What do I do when there is inclement weather?

When our region is faced with inclement weather, we will do the best we can to safely provide service. If we are able to, we will attempt to start our routes later than normal– please leave material at the curb. If we cannot safely operate our fleet, service may be delayed. In the result of a delay or cancellation, we will also send out a call notification to all customer’s involved detailing further instruction.

Please check our web page and Facebook page, or call Customer Service at 360.892.5370 for updates and instructions.

When should I set my garbage out for collection?

Please have all material available by 6:00 AM on your service day or the night before your service day.

Do I need to supply my own garbage bin, and if so, what are the requirements?

For residential customers living with City Limits of Vancouver or Washougal:

When you request residential services, Waste Connections will supply you with a garbage bin.

For residential customers living with City Limits of Camas:

More information on garbage services supplied by the City of Camas can be found on their website.

For all other residential customers:

Residential customers living outside the City Limits of Vancouver or Washougal will need to provide their own garbage bin. The bin must be no more than 32 gallon size, with two handles and have a removable lid.

If I go on vacation can I stop my account?

For residential customers, Vacation credit is given if you are gone for two consecutive pickups or more. Please contact us before leaving so that we can adjust your account and notify the drivers. Vacation credit is not available for Commercial customers.

If my garbage is missed what do I do?

Please let us know immediately so we are aware. If we are not contacted, we do not know you have been missed. (Return trip fee may apply)

Why are we being charged a surcharge and was it approved?

Due to the changes in the global recycling markets the costs associated with processing recyclable material has become considerably higher. Clark County Council has approved an amendment that allows for a per ton rate to be charged on collected curbside recycling material. This charge will be passed to the customers through a recycling processing surcharge. The surcharge will be evaluated annually to encompass the on going changes in the recycle market conditions.

Can I recycle more than just cardboard at my business?

Yes, please ask Customer Service about our Mixed Recycle program that allows you to recycle plastic bottles & tubs, metal cans and mixed paper along with your cardboard. See our Commercial Recycling page for more information.

Does Waste Connections offer yard debris service?

Absolutely! Please contact our Customer Service Department at customerhelp@wasteconnections.com or 360.892.5370 for availability and rates.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, by using our web site you can view and pay your statements online. CLICK HERE to create your own profile and in the future you may click “My Account” at the top-right of this site to pay a bill or view your statements.

Do I have to use Waste Connections Online Bill Pay to view my statements online?

No, you don’t need to add your payment information to view online statements, or sign up for paperless billing. Just leave your payment information blank when signing up for an online account.

Can I view my service schedule online?

You certainly can! With the Recollect tool  location on the My Schedule page, just type in your service address so you can view your pickup dates, request a yard debris pickup, or even search on how to dispose of certain items/materials.

How do I dispose of ...

With the Recollect tool  just type in the material you would like to dispose of certain items/materials and it will list your options:


I'd like to rent a drop box for a remodel/repair/etc. Do I need to test for asbestos first?

If you plan to get a drop box for construction debris you may need to obtain analytical testing on your debris for asbestos. Please click on the following link  to view the list of materials that requires testing:  -ASBESTOS INFORMATION-

Need Help?

Please use our contact form HERE, or for more urgent matters please contact a representative at VanCustomerS@wasteconnections.com or call 360.892.5370.