Commercial Recycling Services

Mixed Recycling

Mixed Recycling Available to Most Clark County Businesses
City of Vancouver Businesses may be eligible for up to two 96 gallon mixed recycling roll carts at no charge.

Glass Container Recycling

Available to Vancouver and Some UGA Businesses Only

Free Interior Recycling Containers and Decals

Commercial Food Waste Program

All organizations that would like to participate in the food waste program are required to meet with a waste reduction specialist prior to starting the program.

Food Waste Poster
Food Waste Guide
Food Waste How To
Food Waste FAQ
Food Waste Bagging Options
Food Waste Bagging System

Free Enclosure Signs

Help your business Recycle Right with new enclosure signs that are available to all businesses within Clark County free of charge. These enclosure signs are easily seen with large text and detailed colorful images. Dimensions: 18” tall x 24” wide. Made of durable corrugated plastic with four corner metal grommets. To request an enclosure sign for your business, please contact

Become a Clark County Green Business

Learn about how your business impacts the environment and earn recognition for going green.