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With your participation in the curbside yard debris program, you are helping the environment. Manufacturers use the materials you collect to create compost, a valuable addition to soil that helps plants grow.

On-Call Yard Debris Service

Customers in Amboy, Battle Ground, La Center, Yacolt, and urban areas of Clark County can sign up for on-call yard debris service. On-call customers pay a monthly rental fee for the cart and are only charged for the pickups they request. They can request pickups by calling Waste Connections or by using the RecycleRight tool’s Request Yard Debris Pickup function. Learn more about the on-call yard debris program by calling us at 360-892-5370.


City of Vancouver and Ridgefield Residents

If you live in City of Vancouver or Ridgefield, click here to learn more about the Organics collection program for food scraps and yard-debris.

Yard Debris Guide

We accept the following materials in your yard debris cart:

Grass clippings
Branches up to 4 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length

Many materials cannot be placed in your yard debris cart including:

Food, including fruit or vegetables
Household or hazardous waste
Paper or plastic bags
Pet waste
Construction debris
Sawdust or barkdust
Dirt, rocks, or sod
Branches over 4 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length


Charges may apply for overfilled or overweight carts. Cart lids should be able to close fully. The maximum allowed weight for a 64-gallon cart is 130 pounds and 200 pounds for a 90/96 gallon cart.

Extra Yard Debris

For an additional charge, extra yard debris may be placed at the curb in bags, cans, and/or bundles. Loose piles of yard debris will not be accepted. Follow these guidelines:

Bags: Compostable, double-walled kraft bags weighing less than 40 pounds

Cans: 32 gallons or smaller weighing less than 75 pounds

Bundles: Brush must be no more than 1 foot in diameter or 5 feet in length and tied with twine or string (no wire ties)

Holiday Yard Debris

In October and November, pumpkins are accepted in yard debris carts across Clark County, except in Camas and Washougal.

In December and January, one tree may be placed in your yard debris cart. No decorations are permitted and please be sure to follow the height and weight restrictions.