Recycling Processing Surcharge Information

By March 5, 2019March 8th, 2019Helpful Information

Recycling Processing Surcharge Information

Why are we being charged a surcharge and was it approved?

Due to the changes in the global recycling markets the costs associated with processing recyclable material has become considerably higher. Clark County Council has approved an amendment that allows for a per ton rate to be charge on collected curbside recycling material. This charged will be passed to the customers through a recycling processing surcharge. The surcharge will be evaluated annually to encompass the on going changes in the recycle market conditions.

What has changed in the recycling market?

In recent years, China has enacted stringent contamination restrictions on imported recyclable material. Because China is the world’s biggest market for recyclables, restrictions have dramatically impacted the world market and created new challenges for companies that collect and process them. To meet the contamination requirements imposed by China and other markets, the company has to slow its processing facility and significantly increase staffing to pull our non-recyclable material, such as plastic bags.

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