Residential Garbage Services

Garbage is a fact of life and the garbage can is the proper disposal option for many items.

Garbage Guide

The garbage can is the proper disposal option for many items:

  • Human and pet waste, including diapers
  • Refrigerator and freezer packaging
  • Drink cups and takeout containers
  • Food wrappers
  • Clamshells

Residential Service Guidelines

Help us to help you! Follow these simple guidelines to curbside service and we’ll be better able to serve you.

  • All garbage should be bagged before being placed in your cart or can.
  • Place recyclables loose in your cart. Do not place them in plastic bags.
  • Rocks, dirt, sod, loose ashes, combustible material, and liquid waste are NOT accepted in any cart or can.
  • Place all items at the curb by 6:30 a.m. Drivers can come at any time between 6:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. So if you don’t see your driver at the usual time, don’t worry! Their schedule may have changed due to weather, traffic, construction or other route delays.
  • There should be nothing obstructing your carts or cans. For cart service, our truck’s mechanical arm needs space to operate.○ Leave 3 feet between carts.○ Place carts 5 feet away from obstacles like trees, cars, mailboxes and basketball hoops.
  • For carts, make sure to face the cart handle toward your home. If the carts are facing the wrong direction, materials may fall onto the ground.
  • Make sure that the can/cart lid is completely shut and that the waste is level across the top of the container. Charges may apply for overfilled containers.
  • You may be charged a fee if your can or cart is heavier than the maximum weight limit.

Garbage Bin Requirements

Depending on where you reside in SW Washington, you may be supplied a garbage bin by Waste Connections:

For those living with City Limits of Vancouver, Washougal or Ridgefield:

When you request services, Waste Connections will supply you with a garbage bin.

For residential customers living with City Limits of Camas:

More information on garbage services supplied by the City of Camas can be found on their website.

For all other customers:

Customers living outside the City Limits of Vancouver, Waste Connections will supply you with a garbage bin.