Service Change Frequently Asked Questions

Waste Connections’ goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers, effectively and safely. These changes may affect Battle Ground, La Center, Yacolt, and urban and rural unincorporated Clark County customers. City of Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield and Washougal customers are not affected by these service changes.

Collecting garbage is becoming safer and more efficient!

Our new trucks are equipped with an automated arm to pick up and dump wheeled carts. This allows the drivers to operate safely from the cab instead of out on the busy roadways.

What is an automated garbage service?

Automated Garbage service is a new efficient way of collecting garbage from your home. A new truck with an automated arm will grab your new wheeled cart and dump your garbage into the truck.

Why did I receive a new garbage cart?

Automated garbage service will give you the following benefits:
• It’s easier to roll your garbage to the curb
• New carts have permanently attached lids that won’t blow away
• New carts contribute to a clean & positive neighborhood appearance
• Added safety for your garbage driver

When will I receive my new garbage cart?

Garbage cart distribution will start July 2023 and take place the following business day after one of your scheduled service days. Once you receive your new cart, please start using it immediately.

What should I do with my old garbage can?

You may wish to retain an extra garbage can as a backup if, for example, inclement weather should ever interrupt regular service schedules.

How do I change my garbage cart size?

Cart swap requests can be made online with the following contact form

Are commercial customers affected?

Businesses at commercial or residential locations with can service will be upgraded to new garbage carts. Businesses at commercial locations with containers will keep their containers though they may be switched to a different route. Businesses at residential locations with containers will likely be switched to garbage carts though it is at the discretion of the Operations supervisors.

Garbage Rates per Month (Effective July 1, 2023)
Clark County (Urban and Rural), Battle Ground, La Center and Yacolt


32gal Weekly
 $      15.89
64gal Weekly
 $      23.15
96gal Weekly
 $      34.37
2-64gal Weekly
 $      42.75
2-96gal Weekly
 $      63.82
1-32gal Every-Other-Week
 $      10.57
1-32gal Monthly
 $       5.70