Commercial Food Waste

Composting food scraps with Waste Connections reduces waste in our landfill and creates nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Learn More about Composting from Clark County Green Biz

Want to learn more about how to compost at your business from the experts at Clark County Green Biz?  Click here to visit their composting page.

Looking for Information about HB 1799 (Organics Management Law)?

Visit the Washington State Department of Ecology’s website information page here.

Food Waste Service

Food waste collection is an optional service for businesses in Clark County. We provide 64-gallon carts that can be serviced up to 5x weekly. Some businesses such as grocery stores may be interested in a 15-yard or 20-yard container that would be serviced weekly.

Before your organization can participate in the food waste program, you will need to meet with a waste reduction specialist who will help you set up an effective system.  To contact the waste reduction team, email or call 360-944-2377.